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Covering the Preston Area

Our Computer shop Laptop Repair Leyland Leyland.  Preston’s leaders in computer repair. Over 15 years in the computer repair industry.

Have reputable and professional knowledge in all aspects of computing desktop apple mac repair and ipad repairs,

Specialising in  Mainboard/motherboard repair  best know for computer motherboard repairs in the Lancashire area.

National reputation working in the motherboard repair sector.

Repairing and fault finding.

mainboard for laptops desktops apple  computers coming in from all corners of the UK  computer sales to small businesses across Lancashire.

Our Computer Shop in Leyland.

LRL Leyland computer shop based in Leyland is an opened planned shop, so customers can see exactly what we’re doing at the time and the work wer’e doing on just their machine and other peoples.

Our customers enjoy seeing their machine being worked on.

LRL IS Quite often asked to be more involved with the work carried out, show them the work that’s being carried out, explain parts that need replacing or explain what certain parts do.

while answering any other questions at the same time.

Interested and enthusiastic as we are in computing ?

If a customers wishes to watch machines being repaired we can arrange this on request at the end of each repair we offer a quick example of work done also give advice on how to prevent their computer breaking down again.

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Why Choose Our Computer Shop
  • Open planned Workshop, customers can see exactly what we’re repairing at the time,
  • How its doing and ask questions as we’re working on their machines.
  • Specialising in circuit board repair, main board and Motherboard repair.
  • This means that our customers computers or other products can be repaired down to component level.
  • The mainboard is the device that controls the computer.
  • Many years in the electronic and technical industry,
  • Laptop Repair Leyland can offer a very fast amazing service basing our computer repair services on.
  • a worry free policy that works out highly cost effective to all home users.
  • Offering the best customer service our customers
  • Pride in giving our customers this service.
  • We believe word of mouth is the best for any business.
  • Returning customer base of well over 2500 public customers.
  • Over 30 trade computer shops using our services as customers and also having many businesses depending on our services.
  • Fair Price or Price match lower than any price offered by other competitors in the local area.
  • Free call out service, Free collection service.
  • Same day repair service.
  • Our services make us one of leaders in computing for price, peace of mind, and our approach to customer value, our Honesty is reputable and our services are well known.
  • Laptop Repair Leyland Leyland is one best to sort out any of your computer issues.
  • The best, go above and beyond.

Computer shop repair shop Leyland Common faults repaired same day:

Laptop screen repair power socket replacement d/c jack charger Issues virus removal software problems can be repaired the same day.

If we have parts in stock we can have your desktop computer or laptop up and ready for you within a couple of hours.

In the event that we don’t have the replacement computer parts in stock and we have to order computer parts in repair time could be stretched to 24-48hrs.

If this is the case for a deposit of 30.00 we can loan you a computer until your computer repair has been completed.

Motherboard Repair

Laptops have one main circuit board which is the most important part of your computer, if this part is damaged it can make your computer worthless.

If you went to PC World, Curry’s or any of the big cats they would charge you £225.00 to replace this main circuit board also know as the motherboard.

For More information on motherboard repair Click Here.

Other computer shops in the Preston area state they do motherboard repair, when in fact they send their motherboards to one of 5 companies in the uk that specialise in motherboard repair.

At the moment we have around 60 computer shops on our books that send us their motherboard repairs.

Anyone or any computer shop claiming to do motherboard repair is either sending them to one of us 5 companies and getting it professionally done, or they are trying to do a bodge job to make a little bit more money out of you.

Beware of computer shops claiming they do in house motherboard repair.

Motherboard repair is a specialist repair not a computer shop repair.

We are the only company Certificated to do motherboard repair in the Leyland Preston and Lancashire area.
Apple Repair Specialists

Looking at the market, Apple products have grown more popular and we have now seen a big increase in apple sales, also a lot more Apple repairs.

Repairs on all types of apple mac repair this includes apple mac pro’s apple mac 13″ 15″ right up to apple iMac repairs ipad repairs in the Preston and Leyland area.

Contact Information :

Laptop Repair Leyland’s repair workshop and sales shop is based in the middle of Leyland.

You can find laptop repair Leyland on Facebook and Twitter Google + .

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